Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Le Grand Bleu

hello everyone

i need your help, i am working on new blog about"Le Grand Bleu"

so if you have any new photos of "Le Grand Bleu"? or do you know where the ship is right now ,
then please send an e-mail to me at nilsson_olof@yahoo.se,
i will of curse give you credit for the photos

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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Spanish Armada

the three ships are R11 Príncipe de Asturias (Aircraft Carrier) ,L52 Castilla (Galicia [LPD] (Command Ship for NATO operations) and F-102 Almirante Juan de Borbón *Frigates*

R11 Príncipe de Asturias

L52 Castilla

F-102 Almirante Juan de Borbón

Monday, January 29, 2007


Today we have three cruse ships in the harbore the ships are THOMSON DESTINY ,M/S AIDAblu and M/S Astoria

Saturday, January 27, 2007

N.R.P. D. Carlos I (A522)

N.R.P. D. Carlos I (A522) Is an oceanographic vessel from the Portuguese Navy she belongs to the D Carlos class

Saturday, January 20, 2007

FFG-36. USS Underwood

UNDERWOOD is the twenty-ninth OLIVER HAZARD PERRY CLASS Guided Missile Frigate and the first in the third generation (Flight III) of the class. UNDERWOOD's primary mission is to provide protection for military and merchant shipping, amphibious task forces and underway replenishment groups.

Thanks wierrd_fish on mp.net for helping me to identify the ship

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Welcome back, TSgt John A. Chapman (T-AK-323) !

John A. Chapman is a Buffalo Soldier-class container ship, She features climate-controlled cocoons on her weather decks which protect additional cargo from the marine environment. She is owned and operated by Sealift, Inc. and is under charter to MSC (Military Sealift Command)

Friday, January 5, 2007

N.R.P. "João Roby" F487

N.R.P. "João Roby" F487 is an corvet from the Portuguse navy and she belong to the Baptista de Andrade Class


Hello I have just returned from a 3 weeks vacation in Sweden and Denmark I didn’t have so much time for ship spotting but I did take these two photos in the town of Helsingør the ship is MHV 811 APOLLO from the Danish navy

Saturday, December 16, 2006


The Special purpose sail training ship EUROPA was built in 1911. In 1994 she was fully restored as a barque (three mast rigged ship) Europa is 30 metres tall and 56 metres long, carrying up to 30 sails on three masts

Friday, December 15, 2006

F911 Westdiep

The F911 Westdiep is an multi-functional frigates and she belongs to the Wielingen class from the the Belgian Navy she is names after an